A piano can last generations with the proper care and maintenance. Here are some helpful tips to ensure the survival of your piano:

DO's For Cleaning Your Piano

To dust your piano is to use a feather duster first then wipe with a soft, damp cotton cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain. Finally, wipe up any excess moisture with a similar dry cloth. When cleaning the piano keys, you can do the same thing as above but use separate cloths for the black and the white keys.

A keyboard should be clean and covered to prevent dust and turning of the keys yellow. Just wipe the key-tops with a slightly damp cloth and dry them immediately.

DO NOT's For Cleaning Your Piano

Donít use Pledge or any other furniture polish on the piano. It can damage the wood and soften the finish if overused. Never dust or clean the inside of your piano. The dust can settle on the strings causing internal problems to your piano.

Never use aerosol spray polished on your pianoís finish. The safest way to remove fingerprints is to wipe with a slightly damp non-abrasive cotton cloth (an old T-shirt works great). Or you can use an emulsion-type, water-based solution according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Other Important Tips

Selecting a piano technician is important so take your time and find someone with the good experience and knowledge. They should know how to tune, regulate and repair your piano. Always ask questions so you can feel comfortable with your piano technician.

Using your piano bench to hold music is always great but be sure not to put too much music in the bench. The bottom will fall out because the lid was pushing down on the music with a result of broken bench.

Keep all plants, vases, drinks, or anything to do with liquid off the piano. Any kind of spillage of liquids into the inner mechanism can result in irreversible damage or ruin the finish. Also, don't place objects on your piano unless you use a soft cloth or felt underneath the object so you can prevent scratches.

Never place your piano next to outside door or window, heat register, air conditioning vent, radiators, fireplace, or in direct sunlight. By keeping a consistent temperature and humidity level, it will extend the life of your piano. Avoid direct sunlight on your piano can prevent damage and fade of the finish. Use curtains or blinds.

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